Today we discuss that who is Elon Musk? Having Far-Sighted, Future Planner, & Opportunity creating thinking a south African born Canadian American Business Magnet. Two or three Persons like Elon Musk will born in 100 years. He knows how to control future with a vision.

When he was 12 years old he invent a computer game and sell it to online company in 500$. He always said problem is not a problem but “ Looking for the solution is the biggest problem”. When someone said in his company that sir its impossible to do so elon musk fired them. He said that every thing is possible to do because he  believes that failure is the option. He made a solar city which works on the sustainable energy creation, he made tesla motors which works on sustainable energy consumption (driverless cars, electric cars) he just focused on produce high quality products.

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Elon Musk is a self taught programmer or rocket scientist. He did not get a formal education of rocket science he learn about it by studying a lot of books itself. He creates deep vision, obsession and persistence by reading books in his childhood age to change the world. He said that the great leader do not put a square box  in a round/circle hole. The leader should be a person who built their high performance team by identifying their  core inner strength. According to elon if you want to accomplish some thing then team should be a powerful, hired a professional or right person in first attempt. If your objective is hard to achieve so don’t change the goal but change the strategies.  He have uncompromising expectations with it self. He always said that ,

“ I don’t expect to do what is possible, what is needed to be done “

World class companies of Elon Musk are,

  • Zip2
  • com
  • PayPal
  • SpaceX
  • Tesla
  • SolarCity
  • Hyperloop | One
  • Open Artificial Intelligence
  • Neuralink
  • The Boring Company

Elon Musk and his brother kimbal starts a software based company in 1995 which is known as Zip2.  Dotcom bubble burst in 2000. Board of directors decide to sell the company. Then Compaq acquired Zip2 company in 307 million $. Elon get 22 $ million because he had 7% of shares of Zip2.

He invest his money in future projects and launched corporate which is world’s first online banking or transaction site, after some times clashes with confinity company and merged with each other now which is known as PayPal.  He invest his money in tesla motors and gives the vision of electric vehicles and driverless auto transport.

Elon musk face so many failures in SpaceX,, PayPal and tesla but he converts their failures into opportunity because he said FAILURE IS AN OPTION YOU JUST GOT TO BOUNCE BACK. Elon Musk itself a biggest case study which tells about the art of failing successfully. Today  He have 20 million $ net worth, His name is on among top 50 Billionaires of the world. Among top 100 influential people of the world. Elon also go to other countries for launching their electric cars to make pollution free world.

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