Every day human beings are attached to the digital media. The day starts by using smartphones or social media and also ends with them. The human  becomes lazy with the new technological advancements and machines. Early days people physically go to the store for shopping, now digital media murdered this and rise as a innovation which called the online shopping. Alibaba, daraz, amazon are the best examples of new technology. The societies are adopting new technology because they wants to makes the error free society and get work done fast , effectively and efficiently through robots and machines.

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Previous time the headset is introduced which is called VR virtual reality. It’s a gadget through which you can see a real world artificially. When you wear the headset on your eyes you can see the different world in another 3D way in 360 angles. Now the augmented reality replace this slowly slowly, the projector emits the lights and the moving objects will created like human, animal, trees and any other objects.

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Many of the jobs are loss by artificial intelligence like, machines takes over farmer’s job, robots takeover accountant, admin’s, cook’s job & driverless cars takeover human driver’s job.

Phones and social media are a part of a every success society and human that holds our morning and the rest of the day. However, children , young and also old age people are also taking part in social media and digital world. They use their smartphones and social media before go to sleep , during breakfast, during job, during cooking means in every thing.

Artificial Intelligence will talk the technology for next five years. When we say AI we are more talking about machine learning here requires a subset of KI which is actually implemented nowadays. So all the devices in future will be smart, in fact you know we are also focusing towards the combination of all these technologies machine learning, block chain, big data every thing will be coming together to built what to work as one technology.

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There are so many Pros and Cons of technology. So its up to you how you adopt these technologies in positive way or a negative way. There are many field will created through the new technological advancements like machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence, software development, big data, etc. You should must finds opportunities in technology, social media and other digital platforms. The field of IT is spreading widely very effectively and efficiently. Its proves that the technology are reinventing the humanity and the societies. Technology are also effecting the human’s health like it effects the eyes, and mind. In some cases the person who continuously using smartphones , laptops, tablets and etc. will also cause depression and heart diseases. The human mind will become weak and the power of critical thinking skills will moved to dead. They will go far from the physical activities that’s why the blood pressure, heart attack, cancer, weak bones, depression and other cases are becoming common. So you use these technology in a limit of time and go to do physical activities which is more useful for health of a human being. That’s why we can say :

“Technology Is Reinventing The Humanity”

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