Mini Personal Air Purifier

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  • PURIFIES THE AIR: The anion portable air purifier uses the anion generated by itself to purify the air, decompose and filter the particles in the air, effectively remove the allergens, pollen, peculiar smell and smoke in the air, improve the air quality, clean the air and reduce the risk of second-hand smoke. This personal air freshener will release 120 million negative ions, discharge pollutants from your personal space, eliminate most smoke, cooking smell, and even PM2.5 air pollutants, and improve mood and sleep.
  • PORTABLE: Because this mini air purifier is equipped with a necklace, it can be worn around the neck. During the journey, in public places or other places with poor air quality, wearing this kind of clothes can create a clean and fresh air area.
  • NO NOISE: the advanced fan is adopted, and the sound is very quiet during operation, which will not disturb your work or rest.

Customer Reviews

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Dorthy Hyatt

This trash can is great. It looks fantastic and functions great.

Shanelle Hilll

Love this!

Libby Sanford

Slim and clean looking. Highly recommended.

Herbert Little

Best garbage can I have ever owned!

Kathryn Heller

Love this trash can. It’s cute and compact. The sensor works well.