There are many benefits hidden behind the global marketing and international business.

  • Effect Every One:

The global marketing provides benefits or advantages to everyone like Pakistan is famous In dry fruits so when Pakistan do global marketing or international business and exports their dry fruits to another country so the foreigners also take advantage by Pakistan’s product.

  • Unlimited Opportunities:

Doing business in your homeland country have limited opportunity but doing outside your homeland will provide and creates a limitless and boundary free opportunities to the company.

  • Cost Is Reduced:

Company produced their goods in that country where the capital and labor cost is very low. Like, china shifts their some of production to Pakistan and India because Pakistan and India have cheap labor so the China takes advantage from the International Business.

Like, Apple is the biggest profitable company but it assembles their iphones in china because if they assembles in United States Of America the cost of the phone will increase too mush.

  • Quality Will Improved:

When the company imports the raw materials from foreign countries the quality of the finished goods will be improved.

Like, Hino Pakistan uses 15% of raw material from Pakistan, 15% from Japan, and 70% imports from the rest of the world.

  • Longer Product Life Cycle:

When you make a quality products by importing some part of raw material the  the life cycle of the product would definitely get longer.

  • Improve Standard Of Living:

Iran and the north Korea left the world due to isolation that’s why they have less facilities. When the company do international business the consumers and people of other countries ‘s life style will changes by use of the other compnay’s product.

  • Spread Peace In Globe:

International fast moving goods companies do not want the wars because if war will occur and happens no one will purchase their products and goods.

In world war Europe and Japan wanted to loot each other resources but now thay have open access to each other market.

Through international business the peace is created all over the world.

  • Market Sturation:

Market saturation is which no more of a product or services can be sell because there are no more customers or consumers.

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