Be A Fast Mover Not First Mover

There were a lot of first movers in many industries, but you want to become the fast mover.

  • NOKIA was a first mover ( Gone ❌ )
  • BLACKBERRY was a first mover ( Gone ❌ )
  • ERRICSON was a first mover (Gone ❌ )
  • YAHOO was a first mover ( Gone ❌ )

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Likewise, yahoo purchased the Hotmail in 1997 from the owner of Hotmail, while in 2003 Google introduced Gmail that it was not a first mover but it become a fast mover in their industry by their innovation.

Stand Up Against Your Failure

All the successful stories in the whole world have a huge amount of failure, they didn’t achieve success in one step or attempt. They transform their failure into their opportunity and they standup against their failure and beat it by giving their best.

We have so many examples like, Facebook was not happen to Facebook in their first attempt. They was developed a weak and funky website named HOT or NOT which not get popularity and attention, So they challenged their failure and standup again and get successful in the social media world.

The YouTube was not developed as videos searching platform in first attempt in beginning they make online dating site which is totally failed then they stand up again and shine as a YouTube.

Many businessman’s and entrepreneurs taste the flavor of lot of failures and they didn’t give up and fight against it and one day become the successful champions.

Factors That Helps To Develop The Business

Are you looking for the tips and guidance that how you moves your business life cycle towards GROWTH so keep these following factors in your mind.


The small startup owner or a businessman will not grow to billionaires by saving their costs, They grow their industry or firm through their potential competitive advantage. So keep up your gross edges of the business.


Your scalability matters, how efficiently you trained your employees or workers. You can achieved scalability in your business or industry by providing best and effective training to your employees, team and management which can helps you to grow and expand your business.

Speed Of Transactions

If you want to grow and expand your business you must know that when your business transaction speed is faster then your turn over ratio will also become high.

If the firm’s cash inflow is very low and their cash outflow is very high then keep this in your mind that you will not able to exist and you will fall down very soon.


Competitive Advantage

You should must hold the gap of the market that you filled by launching and providing the new product in the market. So keeps your focus on your competitive advantage that why your customer and consumer purchase and consumes your product in terms of uniqueness, quality, and etc.


So don’t become the only first mover, always focus to become fast and first mover because first movers did not exist on long run.

“Always be a fast mover not first mover”

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